The English line of the Marcheur family of France. An Oneiroi name derived from inherited abilities of Dream Walking. The Walker name can be found throughout former English colonies and territories previously owned or occupied by French settlers.

During the forced institutionalisation and Christianisation of America and Canada, it was common practice for native peoples to be given new names, family names were seen to be important in legal matters of owning and bestowing property. This practice was adopted by The Order at that time on the basis of shared or common abilities. However it has long been disputed as to whether or not similar abilities can accurately determine a common ancestry as there are some within The Order who claim ancestry from worlds other than Olympia.

The words ‘Je suis non lie’ – ‘I am not bound’, are a variation on the Marcheur words Je suis libre, I am free. It was a way to indicate that they were no longer subjects of France and were allied with England after their defeat at Agincourt in 1415. The design of the shield reflects this in its use of English colours, red and white and a single feather, as opposed to the blue and triple feather motif of their French cousins.

The name Walker means one who walks.