One of the few families descended from Hekate.

Being one of the virgin goddesses, Hekate birthed no children, however she used blood magic to create her lineage. Doing so gave her descendants access to magic, enabled them to open gateways to other realms, an affinity with nature and a talent for divination.

Hekates’ descendants have founded many cults all over Europe and the Vedma can trace their roots to the Constanta Cult.

The Vedma family have long been persecuted and revered in equal measure as witches. The Vedma family like other families with a blood link to Hekate originated in ancient Greece and spread into neighbouring Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and other Balkan territories. Like many witch families, the Vedma were nomadic and never settled in one place for too long, for fear of persecution. Their names were as changeable as their homes, never going by one particular familial name and always taking on the name for ‘witch’ in any language.

The Vedma of The Order today can trace their ancestors back to medieval Romania when they assumed the name Vrajitoare and frequently made camp within the Hoia Baciu forest. The forest is known for it’s warped trees and a circular clearing which is said to be the result of the Lele (dark fairies – another name adopted by the family for a time) dancing a Hora (circle dance).

So legend has it, when Silviana Vrajitoare was five years old she stepped into the clearing and vanished, She was missing for five years. eventually when she reappeared, she hadn’t aged, and claimed she had been gone a matter of days. In certain circles within The Order it is whispered that the Vrajitoare used the forest as a base for opening up a gateway, but something went terribly wrong and drove them out. They finally settled in Russia in the 17th century where they have been known as Vedma since.

The name Vedma means witch and is attributed to the female descendants of Hekate that settled in Russia, the male equivalent being Vedmak.