Tales from Olympia is a series of novelettes exploring the lighter side of Olympia, following the trials of the gods and filling in the history and landscape of Olympia within the world of Sandman Chronicles and can be read in any order.

Apollo and Amygdala

Set in an age before the events of Sandman Chronicles when Zeus was a king, Artemis a hunter, Ares a warrior and Apollo was loved and revered as a monster slayer, this tale weaves the threads of the past to add detail to the picture of the present.

There is a darkness growing in the forest of Eoros, at the edge of the lands of light, one that whispers of shame and guilt, driving all who hear it to despair.

Apollo is recalled to his father’s palace on mount Olympus to celebrate his latest conquest, but once the party is over, the sobering realisation that another creature has made its mark on Olympia, forces him once more into battle.

Apollo must put an end to the beast before anyone else is lost. But when he finally comes face to face with the mother of monsters he begins to question his role, as a hero, as an Olympian and as a father.

Apollo, knowing no fear, summoned all his inner light and the light of the sword, feeling it flow through him and from him, the sword ignited in a fiery glory