An ancient and noble Aether family originating in Japan.

The crest shows a depiction of the rising red sun of Japan behind Mount Fuji.

Many people believe that the sun is merely symboloc of the family motto, but it is in fact a dedication to the katana swordsmith Kurai Kurayami, who died in the arms of master swordsmith, Hirohito Hikari, in his home at the base of Fujisan in Aokigahara forest, just as the sun was rising.

Hikari was able to imbue his katana with light energy making them some of the most formidable, swift and accurate blades that never took an innocent life. The Hikari family are descended not only from Olympia but from a long line of warrior class, Samurai.

Common traits within the family are caution and precision. They rarely do anything without considering the consequences and when they do they are attentive to detail. They are a family that prides themselves on order and discipline.

Many of the ancient Japanese traditions did not make the journey to California when the family uprooted after the end of the second world war, however Sado (the tea ceremony) is one ritual that did survive the cultural shift, and like the Samurai before, it continues to be performed after battle as a way of finding peace, harmony and order after chaos.

The name Hikari means light.