Di Luna

A notable Italian family from Florence who rose to prominence during the Renaissance. Francesco di Luna was the founder of the Luci movement known as the Enlightenment. It was a campaign to have the families descended from the moon and the stars, often known as Noctisluminum/Luci della Notte or the Olympian term Nyxphosi, (Night lights), who had long been considered Oneiroi, to be recognised as Lights (Hemerae) within their own right and given equal respect and positions of power as Aether families. Francesco di Luna made powerful allies in Francesco Pazzi and Girolamo Riario.

The plot to unseat the Medici family, was the perfect opportunity to combine their efforts. However the conspirators failed and Francesco di Luna was tried and convicted of heresy and witchcraft, upon Riario’s testimony.

The di Luna words have often been translated one of two ways. ‘We are Illuminated’ or ‘We are Enlightened’. The di Luna family have long been considered the foundation of the Illuminati society, but there is no written evidence to suggest this is true. There are no records of any member of the di Luna family after 1478. Francesco di Luna had three children, two sons, his eldest and heir to his estate, Vincenzo and the younger, Emilio, and a daughter, Luciana. All three of whom died before their father. Therefore anyone who could shed some light on the true meaning of the words has long since passed.

The name di Luna means of the moon.