This Greek mythology inspired fantasy series, named for the folkloric figure of dreaming, chronicles the lives of The Order, a secret society of Olympian descendants on their quest to save the world from Nightmares.

Set in both the world of Olympia, home to the gods of Grecian myth, and the town of Ashwood, England, this series of books is told from multiple perspectives, collected from The Order’s journal entries and archived documents.

Though the Greek myths form the basis of this tale, the diversity of The Order brings together cultural mythologies from around the world, exploring the similarities and differences of dream beliefs.

Set in the world of Olympia, this prequel series of novellas focuses on some of our favourite and most famous Olympian gods. Retelling their battles with monsters, each other, and the events that led to Sandman Chronicles.

A prequel series of novellas that explores the history of The Order and retells significant events gathered from archival documents from various councils across the globe.

These historical fantasy tales flesh out the stories told in Sandman Chronicles and how they relate to the major families of The Order and their Olympian ancestors.