This series of novellas/novelettes explores the history of The Order. Collected from archival documents these stories fictionalise significant events and their connection to ancestral Olympians and the lives of their descendants mentioned in Sandman Chronicles.

The Di Luna Curse

Before the Borgias of Rome there was the Di Lunas of Florence.

Get to know the ancestors of Lucash and Lilith di Luna from Sandman Chronicles in this tale of madness and desire.


The first release in the Archives prequel series is a two part historical novel set in renaissance Florence.

Part 1 – The Madness of Luciana recounts the tragic life of Luciana di Luna – her loves, her desires and her losses. After living a sheltered life for many years, Luciana begins to discover her lust for life, and what better time than carnival, Florence 1473 – the early years of Lorenzo Medici’s reign?

Luciana is beautiful and blessed with the Olympian gift of true sight. She can see the truth in men’s hearts, but as she is tormented by dreams that feel as though she has stepped into another world, the truth leads her to madness.

Is it the dangerous delights of the city that uncovers the darkness within her, or do her dreams hold the key to her true self?

Part 2 – The Beasts of Florence looks deeper into the family’s politics and the lives of her brothers Vincenzo and Emilio and the secrets they keep.

There’s a darkness that marks the Di Luna family – as Nightlights – descendants of the Olympian goddess of the moon – it is said they are easily corrupted by the sins of the night and the darkness that wants to destroy the Light of Olympia. Francesco – the patriarch of the family seeks to correct that misconception and secure his family’s status within The Order. This secret organisation of Olympian descendants has long been governed by the children of Light, these Aether families consider Nightlights to be the weak offspring of inferior Olympians and no better than Oneiroi – the children of Night.

It’s time for Vincenzo, the serious older brother, to take a more active role in his father’s work, but will it make him into a man, or a monster? And Emilio, who has always relished his role as the younger brother, living his life to the fullest and loving freely, comes to realise that not all fantasies are fun.

Can Luciana’s gift save them and can the Di Lunas overcome their curse?