Meet and Greet with S. L. Barrie

Hello lovely people and welcome to my website. Here you will find my blog where I will post my musings on writing, reading, family and anything I find interesting and hopefully you will too. You will also find links to my books, extra information and content related to my fantasy series.

Now for the bit about me.

I am an author, wife and mother from England. I grew up around Manchester back in the good old days when kids T.V. was on for about two hours in the morning and two hours at tea time. When 99 ice creams cost just 99p and your mum’s idea of sun protection was a bottle of coconut oil. The movies were classics even back then and everyone had posters of boy/girl bands on their bedroom walls, giant fold out ones from pop magazines.

Winner of many a high school achievement award but the attendance certificate always alluded me. I have dreamt of being a published author since I was very little, but life always seemed to put it on the back burner. I am an electro/hairspray/glam/new romantic/rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast. I love reading and learning about history, mythology, world cultures and folklore. Psychology is a fascinating subject as is the paranormal, supernatural and the spirit. I have studied and gained qualifications in English Language, Literature, Linguistics, Early Years Childcare and have also studied Pagan beliefs and practices in my personal time.

I love animals, but flies I suspect are evil. Wolves, ravens/crows, bats, owls, horses, dogs and pigs are some of my favourite animals. I love fantasy, poetry, gothic, renaissance, cake decorating, arts and crafts and many many other things. I do not smoke or drink alcohol and fun fact; I can’t ride a bike, it’s not as easy as they say it is. But I can swim so hopefully I’ll never drown. Unless I’m on a bike in the ocean.

That is all I can think to tell you, if I think of anything else mildly interesting about me, I’ll be sure to add it. If you’re interested that is.