Where Hawks Soar Review

Stargazer Island Series : Book 3

Another fantastic addition to the expanding Stargazer Island Series.

Stargazer Island is a place like no other. Created by magic and home to magic. The island’s inhabitants are a sweet shop full of different delights. Witches, shamans, shifters and more all live, work and fall in love here. But there’s always something trying to disturb their peace. World mythologies and cultural folklores come to life in these captivating tales of romance, courage, self discovery and the strength of community and familial bonds.

Book 3 treats us to a well crafted blend of both Norse and Native American mythologies, bringing with it elements of horror and pulse pounding action.

First off let me gush about the cover! I love the purple tones, which has become a theme within the cover art for the series. This one is so beautiful and mystical, and the detail in the hawk is amazing, made me want to dive straight in when I saw it.

Now to the writing. Sionna has a true gift for weaving a tale of romance and danger.

In this book two familiar characters, Eric and Sage get their story developed. Both have their own special abilities, based on world cultural mythologies, and troubling pasts which come back to haunt them.

The plot progresses gradually but it never feels stagnant, instead you feel the tension build to an exciting and satisfying conclusion.
Sionna treats every character with the attention and respect they deserve.

Eric and Sage’s respective histories and emotional connection are teased and explored in intervals that kept me turning pages and invested in their individual characters and them as a couple.

For me this was a slightly different story from the first two books. It was a little darker and the threats the characters faced were very real and very human. But this is Stargazer, so not everything is as it seems.
Eric and Sage seem to be very different people, but share a profound connection, which was interesting to read. Both characters could easily have become unlikeable due to their stubbornness and reluctance to open up and let down their guards, but Sionna knows how to steer her characters right, make them fun as well as fierce. Individually they are strong and courageous but together they are so much more.
I love Sionna’s humour and her timing ensures that the story never gets too dark or intense, she gives her characters time to breathe, which gives the reader a chance to get to know them and invest in their journey.

Sionna threads the different mythologies in seamlessly and treats us once again to exciting and interesting lore. I find her descriptions engaging, compassionate and her own interest in subjects shine through, as such detail can only come from well read source material. As a lover of mythology and spirituality myself, I appreciate her passion and devotion.

I don’t regularly read romance, but there’s plenty of supernatural action within the book(s) to keep me entertained. Though I do enjoy reading Sionna’s descriptions of the character’s passionate moments. They’re poetic without being trite and steamy without being tasteless. They’re the perfect blend of sensual and romantic.

True to form book 3 has set up the next instalment, and it seems book 4 and 5 have been teased, with abilities being awakened and relationships forming between other characters, I could have happily continued reading straight into the next book.

I rated this book a sensational

This book will be released 6th August. Pre order your copy at Amazon.

The books in the Stargazer Island series can be read and enjoyed as standalone book, but to get the full Stargazer experience check out Books 1 & 2. You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s my reviews of the books

Book 1 – Witch’s Return

Book 2 – The Frozen Flame

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced, you can buy them at Amazon

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