Interview with Vicky Peplow

“I wanted to bring where I was born and bred into the limelight. I’m very proud of my background and the history surrounding it.”

Originally from a small coal mining village called Ryhope, Sunderland in the North East of England, Vicky Peplow has lived for the past 8 years in Virginia, USA, with her “beautiful and supportive partner Lorie” which she tells me was the best decision she ever made and it has become her favourite place to be, adding “I finally found where I belong”.

Her fondest memories are those spent with family, her father and nana in particular. “they taught me everything I know and to keep my chin up”. Two memories she shared with me were when her dad introduced her to Southern Comfort “at quite a young age” she adds, and when she came out to her nana as being gay, “she turned around and said ;ahh pet, I already knew’, which was a shock but also a relief, as she apparently knew before I did.”

“She pulled me into her arms and said ‘I love you no less no matter what’, which brought me to tears. (And still does now.)”

Vicky’s family still reside in the UK but they manage to keep in touch via social media.

Vicky is self described as committed but when it comes to writing her own worst enemy with a tendency to overthink things, Vicky doesn’t let any challenge stop her from writing and is an inspiration to others.

“I also have dyslexia which sometimes complicates things even further. Luckily, I have an amazing editor, Samantha Talarico who is always there as a sounding board and to correct any mistakes I may have. If something doesn’t seem right, then she tells me and I correct it.”

Not one to be limited, Vicky reads and writes a number of genres including crime, thriller, historical and paranormal fiction and were she to have a movie made based on her life, the tag line would be, she’s so laid back, she’s horizontal!

Vicky found inspiration to begin her writing career form her home city and her fascination with serial killers “yep creepy I know”, she jokes. Her first book Death on the river wear brings the two together for a truly thrilling read.

Her second book the Old Coal Miner’s lamp was inspired by her grandad, who was a coal miner himself, at two mines. Her dedication to bringing her story to life saw her researching factual events and speaking to “numerous amounts of coal miners from around the UK”, taking their stories to “incorporate into the book”.

“Why should you never write with a broken pencil?

Because it’s pointless.”

tell me a joke

I got to know Vicky a little better over the course of the interview when I asked her a series of truly personal questions, plumbing the depths of her soul. I think we came out the other side more enlightened people.

  Q.   I am leaving you a generous sum of money in my will, with the stipulation that it be used only to open your own small company and you must choose three more beneficiaries to help you in your endeavour. What is your business and who is running it with you? (real/fictional)

       A.   This is going to be a little obvious but have actually thought of doing it. Open a book store for Independent Authors only.
            Who do I have helping me:
            Samantha Evans (Another amazing author)
            My Partner, Lorie (Whether she wants to or not! Lol) and
            Samantha Talarico (because she knows a good book when she sees one.)

  Q.   I’m putting together a team of explorers, we’re going to look for life on alien planets. We find it but the aliens have turned hostile and are going to kill one of the team and I have to choose which one. Convince me why it shouldn’t be you.

       A.   I am a quick learner, can put my hands to anything and always willing to help however I can.

  Q.   It’s my birthday and all I want from you is a book to add to my massive pile, which book is it?

       A.   Obviously my own, The Old Coal Miner's Lamp.

  Q.   What time is it?

       A.   Right now it's 2:27pm EST

  Q.   You're forming your own 80's Rock tribute band, what are they called?

       A.   The Bitchin' Gremlins  

  Q.   You get mysteriously transported back in time. When are you, where are you and what's the first thing you're doing?

       A.   To Washington State and when Ted Bundy killed his suspected first victim, Ann Burr in 1961 or his confirmed first kill Lynda Ann Healy in 1974.

  Q.   I'm hungry, I want the tastiest thing on the menu. describe it to me.

       A.   You can't go wrong with a slice of pepperoni pizza or New York style cheesecake.

  Q.   Oh no, while you were on your adventure into the past you accidentally let it slip that you’re from the future and now people are very scared of you and you’re going to be executed for witchcraft (yes even if you only travelled 10 years into the past – don’t get smart with me) What are your famous last words? 

       A.   I only wanted to watch.


Can you name this tune? La la la la la la la – la la la la la la la

Haven’t got a scoobies. Hold on didn’t Kylie Minogue have a song that went like that? Can’t get you out of my head, right?

Vicky has “read so many amazing books” that it’s difficult for her to pick just one favourite character, but if she had to pick one it would probably be, “Shady Groves, in Shani Struthers book, Cades Home Farm. She challenged everything head on even if she was scared or not.” And if she could be any one of her own fictional characters it is “without a doubt Billy (William) from The Old Coal Miner’s Lamp. Granted I would be dead but to help others cross to the other side and hear their stories would be amazing (Well, apart from the dead part. That would suck!)”

During the course of the interview, we played a game of would you rather, it was very educational, for us both… I think.

  Q.   Would you rather live in your favourite fictional world or have your favourite fictional characters come live in our world?

       A.   Definitely have them live in my world. it would make things much more interesting.

  Q.   Would you rather have a butt for a face or a face for a butt?

       A.   Hmmmm, neither really, but I guess if I had to choose, maybe face for a butt! (I honestly don't know)

  Q.   Would you rather do something good but be forgotten or be remembered for something bad?

       A.   Do something good but be forgotten is what the angel side of me is saying but the devil side of me is saying otherwise. Look at Ed Gein, Aileen Wournos, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, etc. They will all be remembered for the bad things they did and will always be remembered in history for what they had done.

  Q.   Would you rather be Lord Voldemort's servant for the day and do everything and anything he asks, including but not limited to giving him a pedicure or bathe Hagrid for an entire year?

       A.   Bathe Hagrid for an entire year, hands down.  

Quick Fire round!

Naughty or Nice?NICE
Up or Down?UP
Yes or No?YES
Sense of Sensibility?SENSE
Lord or Rings?LORD
Game or Thrones?GAME
Dungeon or Dragons?DRAGONS (hands down)

Three questions from a 7 year old

Do you have a cat or dog? I have a cat and a dog. Whiskers is our 21 years old cat and Sir Milo is our 7 year old Long-haired Dachshund.

What time do you have lunch? Normally when Lorie gets home from work. I tend to snack during the day when she’s at work.

When will you write your next book? I have so many ideas for books, but hopefully once I get caught up with what I’m doing, I’ll be cracking on with that.

What a pertinent question from a budding young interviewer. Now I need to know how Vicky’s work in progress is coming along?

I’m actually just about to finish a ghostwriting project and then getting back to my own writing. I have about five chapters of my own WIP done which is based on an actual Asylum that had now being demolished in the village that I was brought up in. Then I have a second book to finish that is the second book to my first book, Death on The River Wear.

And finally some words of wisdom from the intriguing and wonderful Vicky Peplow herself for all you aspiring authors out there.

Try, try, try and never give up. A lot of new authors tend to give up to easily and think that they can’t do it but, in my eyes, if you don’t try then how will you ever know.

You can check out Vicky Peplow’s own book reviews and author interviews at her website.

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You can also grab a copy of Vicky’s books The Old Coal Miner’s Lamp and Death on the River Wear at Amazon.

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