Witch’s Return by Sionna Trenz

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I read the debut book Witch’s Return by Sionna Trenz a few months ago now and yet, the characters and the world she has created have stayed with me.

I will try to keep this review spoiler free.

The book centres around Sonya (the eponymous witch who returns to the island, after some time away) and her childhood friend Liam, who isn’t just a police officer but a shifter with a cougar guardian, (which IS as cool as it sounds)

I thought this book was a great beginning to the continuing saga of Stargazer Island, a place where a host of magical creatures coexist and unite to fight back against those that are attempting to release a dark god from its prison.

You would think the Islanders, a group of powerful witches, shifters, shamans, and more, would be battling each other and yet the characters get along really well, owing to Trenz’s skill at crafting distinct and likeable personalities for all her characters, and there’s plenty of them, from which to choose your favourite, (mine’s Rowan… shhh) Their natural rapport and effortless dialogue, moves the story along at a swift pace at the same time as establishing the characters within their world and in your heart. I thought it was quite refreshing to read about a group of individuals that have such strong bonds and genuinely like and care for one another. If you think you need some drama and tension to get you through to the last pages, don’t worry there’s plenty of that.

Things can’t always be nice and calm and with a slew of murders taking place on the island, it’s a race against time for Sonya and her allies to save the lives of Islanders and the rest of the world and keep the dark god imprisoned. Plenty of mystery surrounds the Island and the events taking place there, for you to riddle out. And for those readers who love a bit of romance and dare I say a bit of sex (you know who you are, don’t be shy – Trenz certainly isn’t) there’s also a good measure of sizzling hot romance to keep your heart racing, with descriptions that will make you wish to meet an Islander of your own!

As a Pagan myself and someone who has studied aspects of the craft (herbs, crystals and Sabbath ritual) I really appreciated and enjoyed the attention to detail concerning crystals and practices. I also really enjoyed more involved sections that explained the mythology of the island and the magical creatures. More of which can be found on the author ‘s website www.sionnatrenz.com

Witch’s Return is a stand-alone novel and can be enjoyed by itself but for those who fall in love with other characters in the book, will be able to read more about them in following books in the series.

I gave this book

The next book to be released in the Stargazer Island Series is The Frozen Flame and will be released January 23rd 2021. This book is also a stand-alone following Rowan and Celia’s story but with a few familiar faces.

BLURB from Amazon

After fifteen years away, Sonya McKenzie is finally back on Stargazer Island, the one place she felt at home. As old friends welcome her back, Sonya creates new bonds and strengthens old. Love, soul deep and long dormant, springs to new life.

But an age-old darkness begins to encroach on the idyllic island, threatening everything and everyone Sonya holds dear. With her circle at her side and the island at her back, Sonya must stand against evil’s building energy. She must find the strength within herself to defend and defeat the dark in order to protect Stargazer Island. The fate of the entire world now hangs in the balance.

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